Video Games – Company Mission

by MechanicalBoss, 15 enero, 2016

We enjoy developing video games and we want to convey our passion for video games players. That´s our company mission.

Mechanical Boss is a video game company specialized in production and development of competitive video games. It was born in August 2014 and its philosophy is based on two pillars: collective work and collective effort. Nine people started this way and currently twenty employees work together in areas as diverse as illustration, programming, artificial mechanical, design, concept art, 3D modelling, musical composition, artificial intelligence, narrative, production and marketing.

Our principle project, called Dungeons of Madness (DoM), aims to fill a gap in the market offering the player the experience of performing traditional dungeons in an innovative and competitive environment (five against five).

Strategic lines:

Mechanical Boss develops its flagship product Dungeons of Madness (DOM) within the following parameters:

  • PC platform (niche market leader in targeting display).
  • F2P games (leading business model with the best increase of users).
  • Online Distribution (leader model and highest tendency of distribution).
  • Specific market niche of eSports.

We love video games and the video games world, that´s why is so important our mission.

We have six more projects currently:

  • SpellKnights (Early Access on Steam, approved in 14 days)
  • Solar Gun (Approved on Steam in only 12 days)
  • Snights (a little secret…)
  • App and website about Steam (our big secret…)
  • Gameboss: video game event organized by Mechanical Boss
  • GamebossJAM: developer´s event organized by Mechanical Boss

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